A canvas-plus-palette interface enables the user to select tools, colours, materials from a palette in order to create something new, or manipulate an existing object, on the digital canvas.
A grid list contains items of content, also called tiles, which are arranged in a matrix on the page. A tile typically includes a heading, a small image, and some introductory text, while also functioning as a hyperlink.
A hierarchical architecture, or menu structure, permits users to refine their choices interactively by navigating top down from a main hub, like a homepage, to increasingly relevant detail pages.
A hub-and-spokes architecture consists of a central location, or menu screen, with links to content pages. Users wanting to navigate from one content page to another must first return to the menu screen.
A modal dialogue, typically displayed in a floating window, is a subordinate process that must be attended to by the user before any interaction with the top-level application can resume.
A multiple document interface can display several windows at once inside the one parent window. Every active child window will share the same menu-/toolbar.
A network structure permits non-linear user navigation from one particular location to any other, equally viable location by means of a hyperlink.
Information and actions are sequenced in a progressive disclosure, allowing users to advance from an overview to details-on-demand, or from simple to more complex.
A slide viewer is used to display a series of pictures, or other static information, one item at a time. It can be interacted with by means of navigation controls and a thumbnail view.
A tabbed document interface is able to display several documents or panes inside the one window. The tabs of the open documents remain visible, but only the active document is shown in its entirety.
With a two-panel selector, list content provides an overview while the details of a selected item will be displayed in the adjacent workspace.
A wizard interface leads the user through a series of steps and actions, from one page to the next, so as to facilitate the completion of a possibly unfamiliar task.